Survey & Data Collection

Survey & Data Collection

  • SVK Systems executes precise and accurate surveying techniques using high accuracy surveying equipment to deliver engineering quality drawings, maps and it gives full control over data collection, stakeout and analytic reports, with colour maps displaying results in real time as you measure. This includes land survey, contour survey, utility survey and survey of natural recourses in land and at sea.

    • Surveying of existing geographic features
    • Attribute Collection
    • Feature Extraction as per project requirements.
    • Geometrical correction / updations of land base features wherever required.
    • Digitization of existing electrical network, assets with their internals, SLD and latest data captured from field.
    • Updations of ongoing changes in HT/LT network till final delivery.

    Coord GIS software adds intelligence to spatial data, whether the data is generated in the field with GPS or remotely with photogrammetry. DGPS and kinematic mapping of Spatial and Non spatial data collection using world class Coord GPS equipments. We are experts in land survey, contour survey, utility survey, create maps, and transfer data at very fast pace and in the most efficient and scientific manner.

    Type of the Survey work that we conduct:

    • Topographic survey
    • Land survey, Contour survey, Utility survey
    • Surveys using GPS and Total Station
    • High precision survey using DGPS
    • Pipeline & Transportation Network Survey
    • Underground Locator survey
    • Landbase Survey for Telecom Network Installation & Service Provisioning
    • Digital Maps for Network Planning
    • Telecom Network Survey
    • Computerization of Outside Plant Assets
    • Rural Network Planning
    • Digital Maps for Limited Mobility (WLL) Service
    • CustomizedApplication Development