The Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment (ROPME) has a wealth of data and information that is considered as an important asset for ROPME Activities. ROPME is concerned with disseminating the information and knowledge for the protection of ROPME sea area

Business Challenge

  • ROPME has identified the need to establish ROPME Integrated Information System (RIIS) that would allow proper management of the existing data and information.
  • RIIS will allow disseminating the valuable information to the Region.

Solution Description

  • ROPME allows different users Admin, ROPME Staff, NFP, Industrial scientists, Public to login to the web mapping application where each user can access different functionalities - Admin settings, Spatial search, reports, graphs and downloading the reports
  • Two Applications have been developed for ROPME

    • ROPME Admin Application where the map configurations and layer settings can be done for the web mapping application
    • ROPME Web Mapping Application will be displayed with RIIS home page where a user can search for the parameters on map

RIIS (ROPME Integrated Information System)

RIIS has been designed to provide different types of outputs - spatial, graphical, and tabular. This would allow preparing information for decision and policy makers, scientific and research institutes, agencies responsible for managing ROPME sea area coastal zone, and the public.

RIIS Search and Features:

  • RIIS Search is a powerful search that works bidirectional and allow ROPME users to search for different parameters of different sample types in ROPME sea area in map
  • If we define an area in map, RIIS search will fetch the available parameters in the defined area
  • Both Sea contaminants and Cruise parameters information can be fetched by using RIIS search
  • Spreading - To view spreading for single parameter at multiple depths (at most 3 at a time) and to view spreading for multiple parameters at multiple depths (at most 3 depths and 4 parameters)
  • RIIS has four modules / Information Systems

    • OCIS (Oceanographic Cruise Information System)
    • SCIS (Sea Contaminants Information System)
    • RSIS (Remote Sensing Information System)
    • CPIS (Country Profile Information System)