GIS Solutions

GIS Solutions


SVK Systems engages in two primary aspects of environmental projects:
Carbon accounting and trading: GIS systems in support of land use change systems, verification systems, trading systems Agricultural systems for tracking disease in herds, noxious weed and invasive species infestations.


Marine GIS

Marine environmental protection means different things to different organizations. To coastal commissions it means the collection, review, and approval of development or conservation plans, and the reconcilliation of scientific data against political pressures. To scientific councils it means the collection, reconcilliation and dissemination of a variety of maps, sample data, remotely sensed data, reports and photos.

Sea Ports

Ports are complex and dynamic focal points of commerce, transportation, trade, and recreation. Running a port as a port authority, managing a facility as a terminal operator, or regulating a port as a government agency, involves multiple information systems, intricately woven together. Those systems are frequently united through geography. Read more