The Vision

SVK Systems, Inc. provides a gamut of IT services to various businesses and organizations, helping them improve their business performance through cutting-edge technologies. Deploying mission critical applications within pre-determined timeframes, we enable real time enterprise computing efficient and effective. What�s more, with committed individuals on the forefront as a technical team, the customers can look forward to receiving maximum business value for their investment.

Our expertise in various business spheres and technologies enables us to understand the business requirements and helps us to develop viable solutions within a short turnaround time thus saving clients� time and money. Backed by a team of highly qualified and seasoned professionals we can help cut down our clients� costs by presenting innovative and highly cost-effective Business solutions. This team doesn�t rest on past laurels but aims at creating new benchmarks in the software industry by providing cutting edge solutions.

Equipped with the most advanced hardware and software development, testing and analysis tools, we hope to give excellent solutions within budget and without cutting corners. Our secure highspeed telecommunication links between services gives an on-line, fast and transparent access to the hardware and Software resources distributed across diverse locations. We have an excellent track record of being a trusted technology partner, delivering solid enterprise-wide business solutions in a variety of environments and platforms. Our technical implementation has its roots in years of business and client/server experience with both reputed multinational companies and midsized ventures.

Our primary aim is to deliver high quality and viable solutions for securing huge and complex application software. Only with an in-depth knowledge of software packages can trustworthy and wide-ranging solutions be developed and deployed effectively.

We are aware that people are the most valuable resource, precisely why we attract and retain the best talent in the industry. We continuously upgrade our talent pool through effective rigorous training programs on technical and non-technical aspects, and also provide training programs in diverse development programs thus developing a resourceful base of high caliber professionals. We are equipped with a multiple skilled employee base whose projects span vertical industries and related applications. This experience lets us bring to the project, best practices in application functionality, development and project management acquired across industries, geographies, and technologies.

Unique features of SVK-HMS

Being a firm believer in the business philosophy that technology plays a crucial role in reaching ones calculated business goals and in gaining an edge in a highly competitive market, SVK IT employs latest technologies to deliver high-end business software solutions to clients, enabling them to realize their business objectives easily and at a much quicker pace. In fact, SVK IT is one of the few solutions providers to bring together these vital disciplines on a single platform to clearly mark of an understanding of enterprise architecture and strategy, accurate impact and opportunity assessment, effective process execution, and accelerated value realization for clients across the globe.

Key modules

Registration, Inpatient & Outpatient Management, Nursing Station, Billing, Medical Records, Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy, HR & Payroll System, Finance & Analysis, Asset Management, House Keeping �Fully integrated

User Friendly:

The entire Screens and fields are menu driven. �Help� assists in easy navigation and a �user manual� guides you around with various tasks.

Graphical User interface:

SVK-HMS is a configurable system. Updating and retrieval of data & navigation between screens can be done with the use of keyboard minimizing the use of pointing and clicking with the mouse, thus saving time.


Data is kept confidential as security is provided at all levels of the hospitals functioning. Only persons with authorization can have access to the data bank.

Client Documentation:

Clinical Documentation reduces the time spent on patient documentation and allows clinical staff to spend more time on patient care. All charting is on-line real time so clinicians are always viewing current information on the patient within the Hospital. Using Security rights staff can view the history of all the patient's visits within the organization. This allows a clinician treating a patient in the Emergency Room to see the documentation from a visit at the clinic earlier in the day. Wizards for building Assessments and Care Plans provide optimum flexibility.